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As a certified clinical trauma professional, Nicole Prentice is uniquely qualified to meet clients in their hurting and walk alongside them as they journey toward healing. Nicole’s experiences include working with both children and adults, ranging from brief adjustment disorders to major trauma histories. She employs many different modalities that are customized to meet the needs of each client — specializing in the uses of EMDR, Progressive Counting (PC) and CBT. Her theoretic framework includes client-centered, strengths-based, solution-focused and trauma-informed care.

Nicole’s unique style assists clients to trust in her authenticity and her skill – using her combined humor, candor and warmth to build the therapeutic relationship from the very first meeting. Nicole believes individuals are the experts in their own lives and that the mind-body connection is foundational as individuals grow toward true freedom.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering doesn’t have to be part of it.
After the pain, comes the growth.
And the growth is beautiful.

Nicole is a licensed by the State of Washington as an LSWAIC and is a:

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • EMDR trained clinician
  • Progressive Counting trained clinician
  • Washington State Child Forensic Interviewer

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